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Rev LaFayette Seymour

rev seymour

Rev LaFayette Seymour

Rev Seymour, an ordained Unity Minister for over twenty years, is the senior minister of our sister DC congregation, Unity Center of Truth. Rev Seymour provides extended ministerial services to our congregation. In addition to speaking once a month, Rev Seymour holds classes, conducts our new member orientations, officiates at weddings, baptisms, re-commitmet ceremonies and funerals. He is a beloved and gentle soul who is always a pleasure to be with.

Rev Seymour began his ministerial work at the Harvard School of Divinity and worked for many years for the Peace Corp in the middle and far east. After exhausting his calling within the Baptist Church, Rev Seymour was called to the New Thought teachings and subsequently became a Unity Minister. He has served in many capacities within the Unity School of Christianity and the International New Thought Alliance.

Rev Seymour is married to his beloved wife, Barbara and is blessed to still have children and grand children living in the Washington area.

Visit Unity Center of Truth here.

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